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The lonely isle

from where I sit I see an isle

a bland and empty place of piles 

to fill our over indulgent selves

complaining that love isn’t high on our shelves 

yet we pick and mold our love to be

anything but the true idea of free

but alas this isle isn’t empty at all

there’s plenty of picks stacked strategically tall

too tall to reach in fact impossible 

now we’re stuck with thoughts implausable

like you’re not good enough and no one cares

now we’re stuck in this isle and we’re all scared

scared of the world who’s standards are so high

but wait! since when did the world define the line of our sky?

they don’t decide whats truly on our mind

in fact we have the power to cut this evil power line

and cut we will and now the isle is so full

our minds have opened the isle to our soul

the love is all there, and it was from the start

and now it’s so easy to grab with our hearts

the love that we wanted is easy to reach

it was all in our heads but now we believe 

we created this isle and we are in charge

no longer does the world dictate what we put in our carts

the isle is our choice and we make the picks

but it took us a while because we started from sticks

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I hope it hurts

It’s not always like this

I can feel this anxiety building up like a volcano

I wish I could go back and show them

you know like show them what I would be in 8 years

show them what I could be if they treated me right

how much further I could of gone

but fuck them

they were wrong

I made myself and I am beautiful

I have accomplished and experienced more then they EVER will

I will only go up from here

I will do it for me and they will be jealous like they already are

they will always be jealous 

and it is for that reason they will never be where I am or where I will be down the road.

Dear Mom and Stepdad

I proved you wrong and now you are forced to watch as I become better then you

how does it feel to know you son/stepson still made it without your support?

I hope it fucking hurts

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I don’t post selflies and in fact this is my 2nd post in a long time but I guess I’m craving a little bit of attention… that probably sounds fucking lame.